He number 1 in the ATP ranking It is a factor that fans and journalists pay great attention to, even though the players trivialize its importance, at least from the outside. And it is that to appear at the top of the classification is a goal for anyone and much more to perpetuate in it in a context such as that in men’s tennis. Novak Djokovic He intends to become strong at the top and continue accumulating weeks that will lead him to reach Roger Federer’s record, while Rafael Nadal remains behind and a new contender has joined the battle, at least in the medium term, as is Dominic Thiem.

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Before addressing the different combinations that could occur in the ATP Masters 1000 Rome 2020 and above all, Roland Garros 2020It must be remembered that this year the points of what was done in these tournaments in their 2019 editions are not defended. ATP decision was that all the players counted their 18 best performances in the last 22 months, making it impossible to take into account two performances in the same tournament. This should be understood as it greatly conditions the fight for a number 1 who is not at risk for the Balkan, although his advantage could be reduced if he fails to improve his performances. This is what could happen to each player.

Novak Djokovic: Has an advantage of 1,010 points over Nadal and has the peace of mind that the Spanish will not be able to surpass him in these tournaments. However, the desire of the Serbian is to increase the income to be able to arrive without emergencies as number 1 at the end of the season. If he won in Rome, he would stand with 11,260 points, while in Paris he can also score points after being eliminated last year in the semifinal. In case of reaching the final, he would add 480 points, while if he wins the tournament he would win 1480 points, derived from the subtraction of the 2,000 that are awarded to the champion and the 720 that he got there in 2019 as a semifinalist.

Rafael Nadal: The Spaniard has no option to win or lose points. The 9,850 points he currently has in his locker will be the ones he finishes the clay court tour with, whatever he does. He comes without the pressure to defend all the points he won last year, something very positive for him. He is interested in Djokovic not scoring points so that he can stay on the lookout and try to close the gap in the final stretch of the season, where he does have room for improvement.

Dominic Thiem: The Austrian has no mathematical options to reach number 1 in the world, but he does have to surpass Nadal in second position. Absent in Rome, he would be able to overtake the Spanish if he were proclaimed champion in Paris since he would add 800 points, derived from the subtraction between the 2,000 of the champion and the 1,200 that he was awarded last year as a finalist. In the event of this hypothetical situation, it would present its clear candidacy to put a stop to number 1.