fight for equal pay

Female entrepreneurship arises from the need to break with social prejudices.

Countries in Latin America and Africa are where women entrepreneurs are most developed.

In Mexico there is Bolsa Rosa, a platform that seeks labor flexibility for women.

In the middle of 2020, wage inequality between men and women continues to be a reality in various parts of the world, including Mexico, which is why every November 19 the International Day of Entrepreneurial Women is celebrated.
This date encourages female entrepreneurship that arises in response to the need to break with social prejudices about the true capabilities of women, who are prepared to have the same salary aspirations as men.

How an entrepreneurial woman arises

The regions of the world with the highest rates of female entrepreneurship are those in the developing world, such as Latin America and Africa.
This phenomenon finds justification in economic development, since in less advanced countries, women are forced to seek greater sources of employment and, often not finding it, to develop their own business.

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In recent decades, women’s ventures have been very positive for society, representing a large portion of economic income and empowering women in a world where men continue to have greater opportunities.

It is a platform that seeks to promote labor flexibility in companies, prepare them for the future, improve their productivity and attract better talent.
It is the link between companies and highly qualified women who seek flexible employment in order to reconcile their professional and personal lives.
Recruitment services are offered here, the objective of which is to create the link between female talent with vacancies that have flexible schedules and schedules within serious and reliable companies.
At Bolsa Rosa they have developed their own transformation methodology in labor flexibility while certifying women and companies with their model, benefiting both companies and their human capital, promoting more humane companies.
The main objective of Bolsa Rosa is to reintegrate and integrate women, professional mothers, in jobs with flexible work schemes, through linking services, headhunter and labor innovation.

The Edomex government has a program called Salario Rosa with which it supports with $ 2,400 pesos each two months to the women of the entity who are dedicated to housework and family care.
This project seeks to reduce poverty rates in the state and also combat gender violence suffered by women in the Mexican territory.
Another objective is to promote human development in Edomex so that the same women in the community are the ones who support other women with courses on equal terms with them.