Fight breaks out in the game between Lakers and Raptors for tackling Dennis Schröder

The player of the Lakers, Montrezl harrell was expelled from the game against Toronto Raptors after coming to the defense of Dennis Schröder who was tackled.

OG Anunoby He was the one who started the fight, when he tackled Schröder to the ground, he had already given Anunoby a hard foul while he was going hard to the basket, then the player pushed Schrouder to the ground, it is not known whether accidentally or intentionally.

This made Montrezl harrell intervened in the matter, and after the referees saw the replay several times, they decided to expel the great man and current sixth man of the year from the NBA.

Here the video:

A hard loss for the team of the Lakers who already play without Anthony Davis and Lebron James Due to injury, also his new acquisition Andre Drummond is not playing due to a foot injury.

Should Montrezl Harrell have been expelled from the game?