The Malaga University Today it has become the meeting point for Spanish research groups related to the study of dendrimers, on the occasion of the inauguration of the congress ‘EDEN7’, A scientific appointment that, until Friday, will address the main biomedical applications of these chemical structures.

The meeting was opened this morning in the Rectorate, with an act chaired by the Vice-Rector for Research and Transfer, Teodomiro López, who has also had a professor at the Department of Organic Chemistry, Ezequiel Pérez, organizer of this seventh edition at the UMA, and with the coordinator of the National Network of Dendrimers, Rafael Gómez.

During the ‘7 Meeting on Dendrimers’ about 50 researchers will present and discuss at the Malaga University the latest work published on these molecules, in order to strengthen collaborations or start new ones, as well as to address the work carried out in the ‘Network of Excellence of Dendrimers for Biomedical Applications’, financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

According to Professor Pérez, director of the Laboratory of Biomimetic and Photonic Dendrimers of the UMA, the dendrimers are a new variety of polymers which are characterized by presenting a regular branched structure. The possibility of controlling its chemical constitution and incorporating different functional groups in specific positions has led to the molecules dendritic offer a range of new properties and applications that give them an important and recognized interdisciplinary interest in areas as diverse as inorganic, organic, analytical chemistry, biology, the design of new materials, pharmacology or nanotechnology

Recently, a large number of references have appeared in the chemical literature related to the use of these molecules as nucleating agents in polymers, as additives for vaccines or the treatment of cancer.

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