FIFPRO shows “serious concern” over relocation of Copa América to Brazil

06/01/2021 at 7:26 PM CEST


The International Union of Footballers (FIFPRO) expressed on Tuesday its “serious concern” about the relocation of the Copa América to Brazil just a few days before the tournament, which “It could have serious health consequences for professional footballers, staff and the general public”.

“The decision was not only made in the short term, but the new host has an alarming number of COVID-19 cases, which requires very good and early preparation. The short period in which the initiative was confirmed could have serious consequences for the health of professional footballers, staff and the general public, “he said.

In a statement, FIFPRO insisted that since the beginning of the pandemic it has “clearly stated that public health and safety must be the top priority within the soccer industryeven more so in these extraordinary times. “

“The decision to transfer hundreds of footballers on such short notice to compete in a tournament of such complexity opens a scenario of uncertainty for each of them and their families“he added.

The Union He “respectfully requested CONMEBOL to take all the required measures to ensure that the competition does not put players at risk, as the pandemic continues to weaken public health services in the region. “

“FIFPRO will naturally support each player who decides to decline the call and not participate in the tournament based on their health and safety concerns. As in other national team competitions previously played during the pandemic, players should be able to prioritize their health and that of their families without fear of sanction“he added.

CONMEBOL decided 24 hours ago that the competition will be played in Brazil from next day 13, after being ruled out Argentina and Colombia where it was initially going to be played.

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