FIFA sanctions former president of the Congo Federation for lack of integrity

06/24/2021 at 1:52 PM CEST


FIFA has imposed a twelve-month sanction on the former president of the Congolese Confederation and former vice-president of the African Confederation (CAF), Constant Omari Selemani, for breaching his duty of integrity in the negotiations he carried out to commercialize certain television rights.

The investigation opened by FIFA last January concludes that the negotiations led by Omari caused significant financial damage to the CAF and that the obtaining of benefits on its part, estimated at € 66,444, created a conflict of interest that affected the performance of its functions with integrity and independence.

After that, the president of the resolution chamber of the Independent Ethics Committee of FIFA has ratified the plea agreement agreed between Omari and the head of the investigation chamber of the same.

The African leader, also a former member of the FIFA Council, You will not be able to carry out any activity related to football for twelve months and will have to pay a fine of 66,444 euros.

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