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One of the professional sports that has relied on video games during this pandemic is soccer and if the relationship between FIFA and the industry was very close and fruitful thanks to the Electronic Arts franchise, it seems that now it is more and for sample There is the tribute that the international association paid for the Italy 90 World Cup.

The official Twitter account of FIFA recalled today the celebration of the Italy 90 World Cup, which took place from June 8 to July 8 of that year, throwing Germany as the champion after a dramatic final against Argentina that was decided by a single goal. In the context of the rise of video games as the ideal form of entertainment for the pandemic, the association gave a gaming touch to its video including emotional moments that captivated fans 30 years ago.

The video, which uses a track similar to that of the Mortal Kombat theme song, is presented in the format of a video game recalling the joust and its historical encounters, such as that clash in the round of 16 between Argentina and Brazil in which Diego Maradona marveled everyone with a play from midfield that was finished off by Claudio Caniggia.

What do you think of this tribute to the Italia 90 World Cup?

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