FIFA, about to finalize its new agent regulations

06/11/2021 at 11:12 AM CEST

It is practically finished the new FIFIA Agents Regulation that is going to revolutionize the world of football. A regulation that will be drawn up on January 1, 2022 and that will come into force in June of next year.

A modification that aims to regulate a sector that Only the last year has earned 536.1 million euros in commissions. Which is four times more than the profits made in 2015.

A new Regulation that is the result of consultation with all the parties involved, but that presents enormous novelties. Regulation that also goes hand in hand with the creation of a new Soccer Court, within which there will be a Chamber of Agents.

This new text recovers the traditional name of agent instead of intermediary, placing the center of interest on the agents and not on the transfer operation. In fact, it even foresees the possibility of charging for the intervention both in favor of coaches or the member associations dependent on FIFA.

The new regulation also recovers minimum and necessary requirements to achieve this status of agent. These include passing an exam, a criminal record certificate or paying an annual fee. In addition to a series of obligations towards FIFA such as sending all the information to the TMS, proving that there is no conflict of interest or contracting insurance. The granting of a license from FIFA becomes indefinite, provided that it complies with all the required requirements. Although it must be renewed annually, which will force the agents to have to carry out a training process that will be given in each of the national federations.

Limitation of commissions

One of the newest parts is regarding the commissions they receive for their operations. From now on, FIFA establishes a series of limits, starting with a maximum of 10% calculated on the amount of the transfer for agents acting in favor of the selling club. To this is added a 3% calculated on the player’s salary in favor of those agents who act on behalf of a player and 3% calculated on the player’s salary in favor of those agents who act on behalf of the acquiring club.

When it comes to remuneration, This new Regulation also provides for several alternatives ranging from variable commission, fixed payment, monthly payments or even billing for hours or days worked. It will also have to be remunerative by the client that hires them (be it a player or a team) and it must be done transparently through the FIFA Compensation Chamber.

Sanctions for agents who try to steal players

In addition, from next January 1 it will be totally prohibited for an agent to intervene in favor of the different parties in the same operation. Only the intervention of the same agent in favor of a specific acquiring player and club will only be allowed in the same transaction; as long as both parties allow it.

This new regulation also contemplates sanctions for those agents who try to capture and ‘steal’ players represented by another professional and with a current representation contract.

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