Last year Electronic Arts announced that FIFA 20 would reach Nintendo Switch in the form of an update with respect to the previous installment, something that, in addition to catching something unsuspecting part of the gambling community, raised quite controversial. Now, the developer based in California, and after her presentation at EA Play Live 2020, has decided to continue that path with the announcement of FIFA 21 Legacy Edition for the hybrid of Kyoto.

And is that FIFA 21 Legacy Edition For Nintendo Switch it will have neither Volta mode nor any of the playable novelties present in the deliveries of the other platforms. What’s more, it will basically become FIFA 19 with the kits most recent and corresponding template updates belonging to the different teams present in the title. Entering the graphic field, from Electronic Arts they speak of an improved staging, which probably translates into a change of menus and some small graphic touches. The launch of FIFA 21 is scheduled for October 9, when we will probably also receive the version of the hybrid of the Great N.

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What did you think of the news? It is true that, given the pre-Nintendo Switch background, having a new installment of the FIFA franchise is always positive. However, do you have a bittersweet taste? We are waiting your comments.

Source: Electronic Arts