FIFA 21 Central, featuring Toniemcee, DJ Mariio and Gravesen, is back Tuesday, ask questions and win a free FIFA 21!

A new day of FIFA 21 Central! Meeting of stars and a grand prize with Toniemcee, DJ Mariio and Gravesen.

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FIFA 21 is in stores now! Have you already taken a tour of the Volta Football fields and started climbing divisions in FIFA Ultimate Team? How about the new Career Mode? Well don’t hesitate to take a break on Tuesday November 24 and enjoy a while of FIFA 21 Central, the space presented by Toniemcee with the cracks Dj mariio Y Gravesen.

A meeting of three of the main representatives of the FIFA community who return with a new edition of their program to answer the questions of the fans of the GAME community and 3D Games. And they do it with a little gift: a copy of FIFA 21 for PS4. Do you prefer the one of Playstation 5? There is no problem! Remember that as soon as FIFA 21 is released on PS5 the software of the previous generation is updated for free in the next-gen, which will allow you to enjoy the latest installment of the football simulator of EA Sports in the new generation.

The stars await your questions and you can win a FIFA 21!What to expect from the second edition of FIFA 21 Central? A review of first month of FIFA 21 and a program in which to analyze many of the keys behind the title. New tips to play cooperatively, enhance your individual game or the keys to lead your team to win the Champions League at Career mode. You can expect full interaction with GAME and 3DJuegos users who connect next Tuesday, but don’t miss the delayed show if you can’t be live: ¡¡There will be content for everyone!


FIFA 21 Central is a collaboration between 3DJuegos and GAME that was born with the intention of creating a link between the FIFA 21 community and some of the greatest experts in the game. DJ Mariio is not only one of the main soccer video game streamers in Spain, he is also the co-owner of DUX Gaming, a team that was born to mix traditional sports with eSports. Gravesen is one of its players, one of the most recognized and award-winning competitors on the scene FIFA competitive of the last decade.

In short: leave your questions in the comments before Tuesday November 24 and we will send them to the cracks. Do not lose details of this content in the coming days to know who will be the winner of FIFA 21 on PS4 in a few days.

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