Fiat revealed first official images of its new truck

Fiat he ‘put a frame’ on Progetto 363 by revealing the first official images who anticipate the look of what will be your new truck aimed especially at the Latin American market and manufactured in Brazil.

The new compact pickup from Fiat for now they have no production name but, as we anticipated almost a year ago, its manufacture will seek the same formula as other crossover successful people who have had stamp brazilian.

So the new fiat pickup will use the same platform as the car Argo and its official debut is planned for the end of this year and its sales also for Brazil and Argentina initially, to later be extended to other markets in the region where the brand has a presence, including Colombia.

Fiat SUV Progetto 363

Among the data that are known about the new fiat suv they are the one who is located below the Fiat 500X, so it will be the smallest truck of the brand, I feel longer, taller and wider than the Argo.

On mechanics, this new truck will have 1.3 Firefly engines liters with 109 horsepower and the top editions will have a 1.0-liter turbo engine with a range between 120 and 130 horsepower. The transmissions will be manual for the first engine and there will be CVT only for the second.

Fiat SUV Progetto 363

Fiat SUV Progetto 363

Finally, the subject on which the most speculation was his external appearance, for which the brand ended the wait today, although the interior of this new compact truck is yet to be known made in and for the Latin American market.

Fiat Projeto 363, render João Kleber Amaral 01

Fiat Projeto 363, render João Kleber Amaral