Fiat announces that it will be a 100% electric brand by 2030

Fiat Centoventi Concept

When the great Sergio Marchionne said he was not in a hurry electrify the FCA Group everyone was on top of him. At that time Tesla was already dazzling the whole world with its technology and other manufacturers wanted to find a way to overshadow it. However, over time it has been proven that the former CEO of the Italian group was right. Of course, the saying “who gives twice, gives first” has been fulfilled to perfection.

And you may wonder why was he right? Very easy. The investments what had to be done to shape the electric mobility they were so high that launching an electric car at a “street price” was impossible. Today, without being cheap, it can be done and that is why the brands that were not pioneers are joining this paradigm. Among them is Fiat, one of the firms that make up Stellantis. And their plans are very ambitious, with a date defined in the calendar.

Fiat does not indicate what its next electric model will be, but the Centoventi is a very strong candidate …

Recreation Abarth 500 Electric

Recreation Abarth 500 Electric

It was a few days ago that Fiat announced its plans to be a 100% electric manufacturer. To be more exact, the Italian house took advantage of World Environment Day to carry out this confirmation. The person in charge of saying these words was none other than Olivier François, CEO of Fiat and CMO of Stellantis. Well, just take a look at the official press release published by Fiat to know your intentions …

«Our duty is to offer to the market, as soon as possible in a way compatible with reducing the cost of batteries, electric vehicles that cost no more than combustion models»

“We are exploring the territory of sustainable mobility for all, this is our project. Between 2025 and 2030, our product range will gradually become electric only. And this will be a radical change for Fiat »

Test Fiat 500e Icon hatchback 42 kWh, 118 hp and 320 km of autonomy

Going deeper into his plans did not go any deeper, but there is already rumors that indicate what would be the next steps of Fiat. If you do a little memory, the Centoventi it’s on the starting track, right next to the new Panda. In addition, there are those who indicate that the Abarth guys would be working on a more powerful version of the new 500e. Sure, everyone These plans will see the light thanks to the help of the defunct PSA Group, because alone they could not have.

It only remains to wait, then if Fiat wants to be electric by 2030 its range will have to take a 180 degree turn. It will be necessary to see how their models adapt and what the launch schedule will be, but this will only be known when Stellantis presents its industrial plan. It’s time to be patient …

Source – Fiat

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