Fiat 500 Hybrid offer analysis April 2021

Surprisingly the Fiat 500 has become one of the best-selling models in our country last March, a model that is characterized by having one of the most iconic Fiat designs in recent years and by having mild-hybrid mechanics from the most basic level. So, it is currently possible to buy a Fiat 500 Hybrid for € 10,173, a very adequate price, but with a small print that we will tell you below.

The Fiat 500 Hybrid is a very urban option

Unlike what happens with other urban, when we talk about the Fiat 500 it is irremediable not to do it about its design, which may or may not like, but which is undoubtedly “part of their equipment” and is one of the reasons why the balance is in favor of the little Turin. Apart from this, we are facing one of the smallest urban segment A in the market, with only 3.57 meters in length and 185 liters of boot space, and although it is approved for four passengers, the ideal is to think of a two-seater with two emergency seats that will provide good service.

If to the above we add a 70 hp mechanical section It is clear that this is a car specially designed for the city, a habitat where it really feels comfortable and where it makes all the sense in the world to use it. Thus, we find a propellant of one liter of displacement and three cylinders that has micro-hybrid technology, which makes it the bearer of the ECO label of the DGT and all its advantages. Said system is made up of a small 5 hp electric motor and a 0.13 kWh lithium battery that even allows the heat engine to shut down below 30 km / h while keeping essential systems running. With all this you get a combined consumption of 5.1 l / 100 km according to the WLTP cycle, a very correct figure, although its performance is not particularly brilliant: 13.8 seconds at 0 to 100 km / h and 167 km / h of maximum speed.

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Regarding the equipment, the basic Cult finish does not stand out for offering a particularly generous endowment, in which elements such as air conditioning, speed limiter, radio with USB or controls on the steering wheel stand out. However, unlike what happens with other alternatives with a similar rate, It does have a fairly wide and interesting catalog of optionsSome are especially recommended, such as the Cult Plus Pack for € 1,000, which includes everything necessary and expected in a car from 2021 (15 “alloy wheels, 4 speakers, multimedia equipment with a 7” touch screen and navigation, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as a synthetic leather steering wheel).

Conditional on unavoidable financing

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The Fiat 500 Cult 1.0 Hybrid 70 CV has a price of € 10,0173, which is conditional on an abusive financing with an APR of 13.85%, consisting of € 1,705.49, 36 monthly installments of € 99 and a final installment of € 7,735.50, which translates into a total installment price of € 13,351.04. In case of not financing the cash price is € 11,645.55, which by going to a well-known bank to finance this amount, we obtain a 6-year installment of about € 193 / month with an APR of 7.11%, which results in a final disbursement of € 14,250. Conclusion? Fiat financing is abusive, but more advantageous.

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Regarding the main alternatives, I anticipate that there is none with that emotional component of 500 in the environment of ten thousand euros. That said, one of the most interesting we have in the new Dacia Sandero Essential ECO-G 100 from € 10,980, loaded with space and with the ECO label thanks to the fact that its propeller can run on LPG, which translates into a cost per kilometer 45% than if it were a traditional gasoline. Another more economical proposal is the Kia Picanto Concept 1.0 DPi 67 CV for € 9,300, while the Mitsubishi Space Star 120 MPI Motion for € 9,990 stands out for offering a great compromise between space and size, as well as for a very worthy standard equipment.

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