FIA rejects review of accident between Hamilton and Verstappen

On Friday, July 23, Red Bull Racing exercised its right to appeal the decision of the commissioners to sanction Lewis Hamilton during the British GP with 10 seconds for having found him guilty of the accident with Max Verstappen on the first lap of the race. But they have dismissed the “new evidence” that the Austrian team presented this Thursday.

The decision therefore leaves Hamilton as the winner of the 10th race of Formula 1 2021 and Red Bull with the significant anger at the movement of the Englishman on his pilot, who suffered a car accident. 51G due.

The commissioners met via telematics with the team director of Mercedes and Red Bull and with a maximum of three witnesses who would like to present to defend their positions. The individual meetings took place from 16:00 European time on the Thursday prior to the Hungarian GP.

The new evidence presented by Red Bull included a series of slides that they had created from the GPS data of the accident between Verstappen and Hamilton, as well as a comparison with the overtaking that Hamilton subsequently made on Charles Leclerc.

However, after studying the matter, the FIA ​​considered that the new elements provided they were not significant or relevant for the matter.

In a statement issued by the stewards this Thursday afternoon, the FIA ​​was clear in stating that the slides were neither new, nor “discovered” as required by regulation.

It states: “That what was presented to the curators was not ‘a significant and relevant new element [que fue] discovered and was not available to parties seeking review at the time of the decision in question. “

“The slides in Appendix 2 of the competitor’s letter that were invoked as New Evidence were not” discovered “but created for the purposes of presentations to support the Petition for Review. And they were created on the basis of evidence that was available to the Competitor at the time of decision (specifically GPS data). This clearly does not satisfy the requirements of Article 14 “.

The decision not to accept the evidence means that there will be no more review from the British GP collision, so Hamilton’s 10-second penalty stands firm.

Red Bull He had been confident before the hearing that the new evidence he provided to the commissioners would add a new dimension to the investigation.

Your advisor, Helmut Markoit told German broadcaster RTL on Wednesday that it would “provide new data that was not available.”

“Those facts will be presented on Thursday, and we hope that [resulte en] a reevaluation, because we continue to think that this sanction was too lenient for Hamilton, “he added.

The FIA ​​also expressed some “concern” over the statements made in the letter requesting Red Bull to review the Silverstone crash.

Although it is not clear what these claims were, the FIA ​​suggested that they might have been relevant to the stewards if the review had gone ahead.

The FIA ​​added: “The stewards take note, with some concern, of certain allegations made in the aforementioned competitor letter. Such allegations may or may not have been relevant to the stewards if the request for review had been accepted. The stewards could have addressed these allegations directly in any subsequent decision. As the petition has been dismissed, the Commissioners do not comment on it. “

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