FIA modifies Hungary’s results amid Vettel sanction

In post-race inspections it was discovered that Vettel’s Aston Martin did not have the minimum one liter of fuel that the FIA ​​requires for its analytical checks.

As not having the minimum amount of fuel was a violation of technical regulations, Vettel was disqualified from his second place.

Almost immediately after the exclusion, the Aston Martin team announced that it intended to appeal the FIA ​​decision on the grounds that it believed the car had enough fuel in it to comply with the regulations.


The team suspects that a lift pump problem caused Vettel to stop on the track on his return to the pits, and they believe that could also explain why the fuel was not in the main tank.

Aston Martin He argues that it is only a matter of removing the fuel from the areas of the car where it has ended up.

For now, the FIA ​​has confiscated Vettel’s car pending the appeal process and it will be transported to the technical facilities of the governing body in France.

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Despite the disqualification, the official FIA Hungarian GP results still included Vettel in second place, with a note noting that an appeal was pending.

Vettel’s inclusion in second place sparked some intrigue because it seemed to break with tradition, as disqualified cars are typically excluded from the final ranking even when appeals are ongoing.

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It now appears that, rather than a procedural change, Vettel’s inclusion in the original final classification and in the points area was due to a clerical error.

Revised documents sent by the FIA ​​on Monday afternoon eliminated Vettel from qualifying, where he is listed as ‘subject to the outcome of the appeal’, with Lewis Hamilton moving up to second and Carlos Sainz to third.

A note in the documents read: “The classification is provisional, subject to the result of the appeal presented by Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team against the 59th decision of the stewards” [La descalificación de Vettel].

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