FIA does not believe it necessary to review the curbs of Monza

Hamilton y Verstappen they collided midway through Sunday’s race when Verstappen ran out of space in his attempt to overtake Hamilton at the first chicane and over the high curbs.

That impact launched the pilot from Red Bull flying through the air and landing on top of Hamilton, his rear wheel hit the Mercedes driver’s helmet.

Although Hamilton praised the halo safety device and felt it saved him from serious injury, he questioned whether the placement of the Monza curbs should be revised. While they serve their deterrent function to prevent drivers from cutting the curve, they can also act as launch pads in the event of an accident.

The FIA ​​Race Director, Still, believes that the curbs of the first chicane worked as planned, and that it is the driver who must decide whether to persist in overtaking and risk colliding with them or play it safe and take action.

“In that situation I think the sausage curb works pretty well on that particular curve,” Masi said when asked if these items should be checked.

“It is a choice that the pilot makes. You can either drive to the curb or go to the left of it, which we saw numerous times happen over the course of the weekend. “

“A number of people in similar situations chose to go left through those little jumps and then back on the circuit.”

Verstappen was held proportionately guilty of the incident and received a three-place grid penalty for the next race in Sochi.

Masi explained that because both cars were eliminated on the spot, the incident was investigated after the competition ended. Otherwise, Verstappen would have received a time penalty, as happened with Hamilton with 10 seconds at Silverstone after his encounter with the Dutchman.

“I think one of the things that we generally agree on between teams is that there should be a penalty of five or 10 seconds,” he said.

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“You have to look at it on the basis that if they had continued, it would have been a time penalty in the race. However, they didn’t.”

“What happened can’t be compared at all to Silverstone, because here you have two cars knocked out in one incident, versus one that knocked out another car in another incident.”

“They could not continue to serve the penalty, so a penalty is applied on the grid, as we have agreed with all teams when the culprit cannot continue.”

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