The objective is to avoid the great advantages that Mercedes gets in Q2 and Q3

It is expected that a technical directive will be issued in this regard to activate it in Spa

Mercedes’ superiority has been apparent for yet another season, especially in qualifying with its special single-lap engine mode. Now the FIA ​​intends to change the regulations and prohibit the use of different modes between qualifying and race already from the next race after Spain, the Belgian GP.

Peter Bayer, general secretary of the FIA, has sent a letter to all teams announcing this claim. It should be noted that it has no legal validity, although it is expected that a technical directive will be issued in the coming days so that this standard can take effect.

One of the reasons given for this decision is that the engine mode changes that occur in qualifying and even in the race prevent the FIA ​​from verifying the legality of all of them.

“The multitude and complexity of the modes used make it extremely difficult for the FIA ​​to monitor compliance with all regulations and provisions related to the power unit at specific critical moments of the event”, reads the letter sent to the teams according to publishes the British medium Autosport.

However, this is not the only argument of the FIA. Reference is also made to the rule that prohibits drivers from receiving help in the car, except for safety reasons and in specific circumstances.

“Changes to the combustion engine modes that are currently in place could potentially mean that the driver is not driving the car alone and unaided,” he continues.

So the intention is that the teams have to use the same engine mode in qualifying and in the race. The technical directive is expected to arrive before the next Belgian GP and to come into force at that time.

“To address the above concerns in the future, we will request that during the qualifying session and the race, the power unit operates in only one mode,” the text ends.

The truth is that at the moment more details about this future rule are unknown and therefore it is not known how it will affect the teams. It should be remembered that the engine modes are not only used for extra performance in qualifying laps, but also for the opposite when looking to preserve reliability.

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