After this year’s first meeting of the World Motor Council in Geneva, the FIA ​​announced the changes that the technical regulations of Formula 1 will have for the 2020 and 2021 season.

For 2020, the season that is about to start, the governing body of motorsports confirmed that the minimum weight of the car, without fuel, goes from 745kg to 746ks, due to the addition of new elements to monitor the power units.

It was also established that testing of the 18 “tires from 2021 will be tested later this year during post-season testing at the Yas Marina Circuit, following the Abu Dhabi GP.

Meanwhile by 2021 the approved changes are:

• Changes to the profiles of the front wing to avoid the down current, which generates a severe compromise with the general objectives, to allow the cars to run more closely.

• The front and rear wing endplates, as well as the top plate of the rear wing chassis, have been modified to give teams more commercial space.

• Drastic improvements in the resistance and energy absorption of the chassis in front, side and rear impacts.

• A series of updates to greatly improve electrical safety (high voltage) in cars.

• Straps will be mandatory for the rear wing and rear impact structures.

Additionally, FIA confirmed that the company Kulite has been chosen as the official supplier of pressure and temperature sensors for power units for 2021, 2022 and 2023. This company is a world leader in its segment and operates in the aerospace, military, and automotive industries. and shipping, among others.