The decision was made after the punctures at Silverstone

It will be the third consecutive season on the same tires

The FIA ​​has sent a letter to the teams in which it makes clear its intention to reduce the downforce of the cars more than expected for the 2021 season. This decision has been taken after the punctures that occurred at Silverstone at the Grand Prix. Brittany.

With the appearance of the coronavirus on the scene, the entry into force of the new regulation and 18-inch tires was unanimously delayed until 2022. In addition, Pirelli has not been able to carry out test days to develop a new specification for wheels for 2021. That is why a reduction of the downforce of the cars was agreed so that the tires could work.

However, the punctures that were seen at Silverstone led to a change in plans and it has been decided to increase that cut even more. With this, teams will have to invest more in their 2021 cars to meet the objective, especially on the flat bottom.

For its part, Pirelli could not react by increasing the tire pressures even more, so the only viable way for the wheels to support the weight of the car has been to focus on the downforce they will generate. It will not be necessary for all teams to agree to this idea as the FIA ​​cites security reasons to implement this new modification. Thus, the rule will take effect immediately without even the need for a vote, according to the British magazine Autosport.

Pirelli will face another litmus test this weekend in Barcelona. As seen at Silverstone, high temperatures substantially increase blistering and the wheels can explode at their most critical point. In anticipation of this degradation, Italians have opted for the harder compounds.

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