Lozoya will have to undergo two different cases, one for the purchase and sale of a company in Pemex and the other for the Odebrecht case (Photo art: Jovani Perez / Infobae México)

Emilio Lozoya Austin, the former director of the state company Pemex during the government of Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018) and accused of various crimes involving money laundering, bribery and organized crime, will appear for the first time this Tuesday before the Mexican authorities, 10 days after being extradited to Mexico.

The former official will be presented to the authorities, by decision of the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office, in a peculiar way: he will do it by videoconference and from the hospital to where he was transferred since his arrival in the country on Friday, July 17, due to possible anemia and other discomforts, so, for now, he will not be in the prison.

This Tuesday, Lozoya will be presented before José Artemio Zúñiga, federal judge of control of the North Prison, at case known as « Agro Nitrogenados”, In what the first hearing will mean for the first arrest warrant against the 45-year-old man.

The former Pemex director was arrested in February (Photo: Jon Nazca / .)

However, despite the fact that it is one of the most anticipated events in recent years in Mexican politics, Lozoya’s hearings will not be open to the public, as required by law, not even for the media. The authorities arranged that they will be informed « minute by minute » on the development of the hearings.

The audience, live

11: 50 hours: Lozoya again took the floor to add that, due to the investigation against him, it was « Systematically intimidated, pressured and instrumentalized ». « I manifest to you (judge) that I will denounce and point out the authors of these events and I reiterate my commitment to collaborate with the authorities of the Mexican state« He remarked.

11:35 hours: The FGR requested the link to the Lozoya process and now proceed to develop your request.

11:25 hours: After the judge of the case decreed a recess at 10:58 hours, the process was resumed.

11:20 hours: Lozoya indicated that his commitment was to waive the extradition trial so that his situation is clarified. « At the time of the presentation of test data, I will demonstrate that I am not responsible or guilty for the crimes imputed to me« He said.

In addition, he specified that the property to which the FGR refers was declared before the Ministry of Public Function from the beginning of his tenure at the head of Pemex.

Ancira, owner of Altos Hornos, another of those indicated by the FGR, is detained in Spain awaiting his extradition (Photo: Juan Pablo Zamora / Cuartoscuro)

11:00 hours: The FGR notified Lozoya that An investigation folder was started for the former director of Pemex, his sister Susana and Alonso « N », for the acquisition of a real estate in exchange for a favor. Alonso Ancira, owner of Altos Hornos de México (AHMSA), was the one who made the sale of Agro Nitrogenados, one of his company’s subsidiaries, to Pemex, when Lozoya headed the state company.

According to the Mexican authorities, Lozoya transferred from June to November 2012, about USD three million from the company Altos Hornos de México to an account of which Susana Lozoya is a beneficiary « Without identifying the origin of the transfer. »

AnciraFor his part, through his company, using the Mexican financial system, transferred resources through one USD 500,000 from a branch in Monclova, Coahuila, to an account in Geneva, Switzerland. The rest of the transfers were made in different movements throughout November 2012.

They were little more than 34 million pesos of those transfers, which were used to buy a house in the Lomas de Bezares neighborhood, in Mexico City. The FGR accuses Lozoya of having hidden the origin of the resources of the acquired property.

Emilio Lozoya and his sister, Gilda Susana, one of those indicated by the FGR to have received money from Ancira (Photo: special)

The FGR also accused Lozoya of encouraging illegal activity during his term as director of Pemex. This, due to the purchase of Agro Nitrogenados, authorized in July 2013. « You at the head of the Council intervened with a participation where you stated that it was relevant (the acquisition », they said.

The Prosecutor’s Office reminded him that Lozoya assured that the investments (USD 655 million, USD 455 million for the purchase and USD 200 million for rehabilitation and modernization) would be « good business » for Pemex. The purchase was completed in December 2013. The authorities recalled that Ancira, as the majority shareholder of AHMSA, received this purchase at a premium price as compensation.

The Office of the Prosecutor detailed that the plant needed to replace 60% of its assets and there was an additional cost of at least double. « It can be said that you acquired a real property knowing that the resource for the purchase came from an illicit origin, because in previous dates there was an agreement between you and Alonso ‘A’ to promote and encourage the purchase of the company« The authorities concluded.

Thus ended the formulation of the charges of imputation of the FGR.

Pemex Fertilizantes acquired Agro Nitrogenados despite being a bankrupt company (Photo: Grupo Fertinal)

10:35 hours: The judge considered the arrest warrant against Emilio Lozoya completed.

10:25 hours: The FGR assured that medical reports from Spain were delivered where he was diagnosed with « anemia, asthma of five days of evolution and other physical conditions » to Lozoya, contrary to what had been reported at the time from the Iberian country.

The Mexican authorities assured during the hearing that the Alarcón Foundation, a hospital in Spain, was the one that made the diagnosis. After the treatment offered by the doctors, « it was coherent and consistent in time and space. »

Already in Mexico, at the Angeles del Pedregal Hospital, another evaluation was performed. « She continued with pains in her esophagus due to Barrey syndrome and grade 3 anemia.. All night, medical studies were carried out ”, they indicated, on Friday, July 17, the day of Lozoya’s arrival.

The FGR assured that Lozoya was diagnosed with anemia since his arrest in Spain (Photo: Ben Stansall / .)

The same day, a letter was sent to the judges of the cases with the details and, therefore, the material impossibility of presenting it due to their delicate state of health. On the same day, the FGR issued an official letter to request the process connection, indicating that Lozoya was hospitalized. « It was impossible to present it for the above reasons and at all times their rights were taken care of, » they indicated.

The Mexican authorities also recalled that on May 25, 2019, he had initiated the Lozoya case, as probable responsible for acquiring properties with resources of illicit origin. On July 17, the day of his arrival, the accused was received in the FGR hangar, where his identity was verified.

« In the hangar he was notified of his rights as a defendant, the criminal case and A copy of the arrest warrant was issued against him. You had the right to interview your lawyer and your family”, They completed, referring to his father, Emilio Lozoya Thalmann.

Lozoya Austin was able to meet with his lawyers and his father, Emilio Lozoya Thalmann, upon his arrival in Mexico on July 17 (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

10:15 am: Lozoya confirmed its legal representatives and appointed them as his lawyers, who protested his position at the head of the defense of the extradited: it is Miguel Ontiveros Alonso and Alejandro Rojas Pomeda.

10:00 am: Judge Zúñiga Mendoza notified Lozoya that you are in federal criminal proceedings and your rights: to be treated as innocent until proven otherwise and the designation of its defense.

Furthermore, the Judge accredited the defenders of Lozoya, the representatives of the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office and the complainants, in this case, Pemex and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Ministry of Finance.

The North Reclusorio judge informed Lozoya of his rights during the federal criminal proceeding (Photo: Alfredo Estrella / .)

Pemex and the FIU, likewise, were recognized as the “indirect offended« 

09:35 hours: Judge José Artemio Zuñiga Mendoza decreed the start of the first hearing de Lozoya, related to criminal case 211/2019.

The case is about the sale and purchase of the fertilizer company Agro Nitrogenados, which Pemex acquired when the former official was directing the state production company, at a millionaire premium. For this action, the government accuses him of damaging the treasury.

09:20 hours: Are made audio tests for remote conference.

The hearing on Tuesday is related to the case of the sale and purchase of « Agro Nitrogenados » to Pemex during the term of Lozoya (Photo: Mario Guzmán / .)

09:15 hours: He Council of the Federal Judicature (CJF), in charge of transmitting the information arising from the hearing, assured that it is their duty to respect the principles of due process and presumption of innocence.

« As soon as the hearing begins, we will share the development of the hearing. It is an effort by Social Communication to transmit in real time what is happening, but this does not constitute an official transcript of the hearing”, Explained from the Department of Social Communication.

09:00 hours: The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has celebrated the extradition of Lozoya on several occasions because in his opinion he will reveal the modus operandi of corruption in the country, said on Tuesday that we must be « very aware of the entire trial. »

Lozoya will appear before the control judges of the North Prison via video conference from the hospital (Photo: Edgard Garrido / .)

« That it is not just a matter of judicial courts« He said, while proposing that citizens become involved. « To know how they bribed, as there was what is colloquially called the delivery of ‘moches’, » he added.

08:45 hours: Elements of the National Guard protect the surroundings of the Los Angeles Pedregal hospital, where Lozoya has been hospitalized since July 17. So far, despite the fact that it has been protected since its arrival in the country, the operation is more notorious than in recent days.

08:00 hours: The authorities of the Judiciary informed that Lozoya’s first hearing was set at 09:00 on Tuesday, July 28 « So that the initial hearing on the formulation of the accusation against Emilio‘ L ’, referred to in articles 307 and 309 of the National Code of Criminal Procedures, is verified. »

« The audience will be relieved through the video conference system, given the health conditions of the accused« They added.

The Odebrecht case

Lozoya would involve characters from Mexican politics (Photo: Sebastiao Moreira / .)

This Wednesday, Lozoya will appear for the Odebrecht case, the Brazilian company that structured one of the largest international plots of all time.

In this case, the former official is accused of money laundering and bribery, since he would have received money from the Brazilian company to finance the Peña Nieto campaign and to approve a structural reform in energy matters, as well as to secure the bidding process for different projects in the country.

« The Federal Judge of Control of the North Prison, Juan Carlos Ramírez Benítezdetermined the criminal case of the ‘Odebrecht’ case, the initial formulation hearing of imputation against Emilio “L” at 09:30 a.m. (Wednesday) July 29 2020 ″, specified the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR).


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