FGJCDMX recovers two minors – Police, local, national news

Derived from field and cabinet work, elements of the Investigative Police (PDI) of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (FGJCDMX) recovered two minors, probable victims of the crime of minor retention, after conduct a search of a property located in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office.

It is had as a precedent that, in June 2020, the mother of the minors went to the Prosecutor’s Office for Investigation and Attention of Crimes Committed in Tort of Children and Adolescents to report that a man decided not to return two minors, after live with them, so the corresponding research folder was started.

In this way, agents of the PDI, attached to said prosecutor’s office, as well as elements of the Special Reaction and Intervention Group (GERI), executed the search technique authorized by a judge in a house located in the Lomas de Santa Cruz neighborhood, where they recovered the minors.

Finally, both were delivered to his mother after being assessed by Social Work personnel and psychologists.

The FGJCDMX continues to strengthen and orients its actions to the achievement of a law enforcement agency that guarantees timely and effective access to justice for children and adolescents, thereby reiterating its priority to care for victims with a differential and specialized approach. .

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City, in accordance with its functions and attributions as an essential area, continues every day its investigative tasks to combat impunity and makes the telephone numbers (55) 5200 9000 and 800 745 2369 for free legal guidance.