FFXIV Could Come To Xbox In Future, Declares Square Enix

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 02/19/2021 2:56 pm

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For years, fans of Final fantasy they have been asking Square enix that they launch FFXIV, the successful MMORPG, on consoles Xbox. To date, these prayers have been “ignored”, although apparently, its developers would like to work on a version for this platform but for now they are very busy with other things.

In a recent interview with Naoki Yoshida, director and producer of the game, explained that “nothing stops them” from creating a version for Xbox, but PlayStation is his main focus right now:

“Nothing stops us from creating the Xbox version. We were able to move forward with our development thanks to the enormous efforts of Phil Spencer. We are very grateful!

The fact is, for now we must take the right steps. When it comes to the Xbox version, there is unfortunately nothing we can do for now without proper procedures. Since we are now developing Endwalker and preparing the PS5 version, we would appreciate being able to work on the Xbox version once we are done with everything else. “

Endwalker will be the next massive update for FFXIV and is expected to debut later this year.


Source: VG247

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