Ferrari’s Dolce Vita is a hybrid, has an 830 hp V6 and is called 296 GTB

Ferrari succumbs to the times that lie ahead for the automotive sector, especially for those models that are postulated as supercars as do all the offspring of the Italian firm. This was demonstrated with the incombustible Ferrari LaFerrari and its hybrid V12, once again gave evidence of this new path with the Ferrari SF90 Stradale and set the trend with the recently introduced Ferrari 296 GTB: a hybrid supercar that takes up the legacy of its ancestors and modernizes it with a hybrid V6 that develops 830 hp of power.

It is positioned between the F8 Tributo and the aforementioned SF90 Stradale seeking to emphasize the hybrid range that will be accentuated at Ferrari over time. It is inspired by such iconic models as the Ferrari 250 LM and is presented with a certain Dino aftertaste, but we are going to know what the latest and promising scion of the Prancing Horse has to offer, the Ferrari 296 GTB.

A design loaded with nostalgia … and modernity

The new 296 GTB faithfully represents that ability of Italians to design with care and love., as if it were a luthier sculpting a violin. We do not know if Il Comandatore, Enzo Ferrari, would be proud of this creation, but the truth is that it convinces a lot.

The first thing that stands out is that we are facing an extremely compact car with shares of 4.56 meters long, 1.95 wide and 1.18 high. To this we must add a weight of only 1,470 kilos despite being in front of a hybrid supercar with a battery that declares on the scale 73 kilos -2 kilos less than the one that equips the SF90 Stradale- and an electric motor of 22 kilos.

Ferrari 296 Gtb 4

But the true protagonist is what makes up those dimensionssuch as a front end captained by an abrupt air intake, a functional front splitter to improve aerodynamics, and slimmer and elongated new wedge headlamps. The side boasts a clean and pure design that is not even broken by the door handles, which are flush with the bodywork, thus resulting in an air intake designed to cool the V6 hidden in its entrails.

Last but not least, the rear, where modernity and past harmoniously go hand in hand. Some pilots inspired by those of the SF90 are seated to accommodate a dome reminiscent of the one present in the 250 LM, as well as a retractable spoiler that unfolds in acceleration and deceleration and a centrally positioned exhaust that allows the settlement of an aggressive diffuser that does not run into any interruption.

Ferrari 296 Gtb 9

The passenger compartment of the 296 GTB is also a good example of the path that Ferrari is following. Here the heritage of the SF90 Stradale is more than palpable in the hands of fully digital instrumentation and absolute minimalism. This is combined with a second screen for the co-pilot and a newly cut steering wheel in which some of its buttons are also digitized.

A hybrid V6 ready for stardom

But enough of contemplations and we go with the high point of any Ferrari worth its salt: its mechanical section. In the case of the Ferrari 296 GTB, The Italian firm has opted after a long time for a 2.9-liter turbo V6 engine, 30 kilos lighter than the V8 and with a 120º incline. which, for the occasion, is accompanied by an electric motor to become the third plug-in hybrid in the history of the brand.

Individually, the six in “V” is in the position of delivering 663 HP of power, breaking the record for the car with the highest specific power on the market with an impressive 221 hp / l. In the case of the electric motor, we come across a mechanic capable of adding 167 hp to the formula thanks to a 7.5 kWh battery that allows a range of 25 kilometers.

Ferrari 296 Gtb 7

In case of driving in electric mode, we can reach a maximum speed of 125 kilometers per hour, but what happens when both hearts work together? The total power amounts to 830 hp and 740 Nm of torque, thus allowing the 0 to 100 to occur in just 2.9 seconds and a maximum speed of 330 km / h.

But, although it seems much more than enough, Ferrari has dared to go a step further and allow those customers more akin to the sensations opt for the Assetto Fiorano package. Hand in hand with this, it is possible to enjoy the Multimatic shock absorbers derived directly from the competition and with a fixed setting designed for the track. Also noteworthy is the greater presence of carbon fiber, a material used to create parts such as the appendages of the front bumper capable of providing up to 10 kg more vertical load.

Ferrari 296 Gtb 2

But those of the Prancing Horse have not limited themselves to adding carbon fiber, but also designing specific parts for this finish. A good example of this are the door panels, which are capable at the Assetto Fiorano level of reducing the total weight by up to 12 kilos.

At the same time, customers who opt for this option will be able to add Michelin Sport Cup2R Performance tires or the rear window finished in Lexan, whose diet allows the 296 GTB to lose up to 15 kilos. Although not so fast, since to be able to sit our buttocks on the new Ferrari stem It will be necessary to pay an estimated price – the brand has yet to confirm it – of 300,000 euros and 340,000 euros if we opt for Assetto Fiorano finish.

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