Ferrari worries McLaren: “One more good result and they get into the fight”

The Turkish Grand Prix has served Ferrari to dispel the threat from AlphaTauri and get back into the fight for third place in the constructors’ championship. For this, it will be vital that Sebastian Vettel confirm his recovery.

We assumed that the contest for third place in the constructors’ championship would be a matter of three teams: Renault, Racing Point and McLaren. But nevertheless, the crazy Turkish Grand Prix has presented a different scenarioWell, now Renault is off the hook a bit and Ferrari, which seemed threatened by AlphaTauri in the fight for sixth place, is one step away from fully joining the dispute for third place.

Ferrari’s recovery is being slow, but continuous, because not in vain the Italian formation already chains six consecutive Grand Prix scoring and in Turkey he added 27 hit points thanks to the podium of Sebastian Vettel and the fourth place of Charles Leclerc.

“We never underestimate the power that Ferrari has”

Something that begins to worry McLaren, although the Woking team knew how to take advantage of the conditions of the Turkish race and keep their options intact. “Obviously it was great for us to score this result because it kept us in the fight for the constructors’ championship,” says Andreas Seidl. “But it is clear that we do not have the third or fourth fastest car at the moment And, with what we have also seen from Ferrari, one more good result and suddenly the fight is between four teams for this third, fourth, fifth and sixth place.

Ferrari always comes back

The McLaren director has long anticipated Ferrari’s return to more leading positions and now he does nothing more than endorse his words. “I know what a team like Ferrari can do with all the resources it has and it is not a surprise that they are back. We never underestimate the power that Ferrari has. They also have two great drivers and obviously a great team. So that is the reality we are in. “

According to the German engineer, McLaren must focus on making the most of its potential to ensure that it seizes every opportunity. “It is important to focus on ourselves, to see that we make the most of what we can do with everything we have. We have a competitive car which is a big step forward compared to last year, but at the same time we have very strong competitors and we hope we can keep this battle alive until the last race.

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Not surprisingly, McLaren has already achieved 149 points in 14 races, 76 more than in the same period last season. However, the same can be said for teams like Racing Point or Renault, which this year have raised the bar significantly.

With only three races to go, Racing Point is third with 154 points, five more than McLaren and 18 more than Renault. Ferrari already has 130 points, with AlphaTauri already off the hook 41 points behind those of Maranello.