Ferrari readies 2022 evo engine debut in no time

At Monza, the issue of engines had an impact on the results. Mercedes, with the McLaren one-two in the Italian GP, gave a sample of its superiority in terms of power units even with one of the three client computers.

On the long straights of the “temple of speed”, Ferrari defended itself as best it could, getting a fourth place with Charles Leclerc and a sixth with Carlos Sainz, which expresses the current level of the Maranello team with the SF21.

Mattia Binotto, director of the Cavallino team, stressed the lack of power of the 065/6, estimated at 20 horses, although the belief of some is that what is seen on the Italian circuit suggests that it is greater, since the Monegasque left half a second on the fastest lap with winner Daniel Ricciardo who also took the extra point.

Nor can it be forgotten that the Ferrari It is not a car that stands out for its aerodynamic efficiency, still having a resistance that penalizes it on the long straights, inherited from a wrong design in 2020 and corrected in winter despite all the regulatory limitations dictated by the “development tokens”.

The combination offered a Ferrari unable to compete on an equal footing in terms of top speeds (Leclerc reached 341.8km / h in the First Variant braking, finishing only in 16th position in the table led by Sebastian Vettel with the Aston Martin-Mercedes who reached 362km / h at his pace), although he defended himself brilliantly in the most complex sections with a set-up specifically studied in the simulator to enhance the qualities of the SF21 and mitigate its defects.

After the race, Mattia Binotto was asked why Ferrari did not release the evolution of the new engine, to which he replied: “That engine was not ready for Monza, if development had been available we would probably have introduced it here. We will use it as soon as it is usable ”.

Why was the planning not synchronized with the Italian GP?

“The answer is simple, because it is a development born for 2022 and we are trying to anticipate it as soon as possible, not only to exploit its characteristics on the track, but also to gain experience for next year. I hope that it will arrive in the next races. “.

The director of the Cavallino team did not want to add anything else, but as we anticipated in summer in the evo power unit should debut at the Turkish GP, that is, in two rounds.

In addition to Shell’s contribution with new lubricants and gasoline to improve combustion chamber performance, there are high expectations for the debut of new components in the hybrid system, as Ferrari started the 2021 season with some dated parts and regulations. This year’s F1 race allows adjustments to be made during the course of the championship.

The Scuderia will have solutions that should guarantee an increase in performance of about ten horsepower, but the benefits will also be measured in the miniaturization of some components, which will also save weight.

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Sochi will not be the time to debut either because the decision on the new power unit can only come after five long runs on the dyno have been completed, adding up to a 7,500 km safety distance without which no You can put a part in the car according to the homologation standards for reliability.

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