Ferrari put the idea of ​​emulating the MotoGP system on the table

The proposal was rejected by all F1 teams and by the FIA

The top person in charge of Ferrari in Formula 1, Mattia Binotto, has revealed that those of Maranello supported the idea of ​​‘client-teams’ for the future, with the aim of reducing costs for small teams.

This initiative arose as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. Formula 1 was looking for measures to reduce costs – among them a reduction of the budget limit for 2021 was agreed – and Ferrari proposed the idea of ​​client teams.

Mattia Binotto himself states that the idea was to follow in the footsteps of MotoGP and the ‘satellite’ teams. However, the Maranello formation proposal was rejected by all Formula 1 teams and even by the FIA.

“As for the future, during the discussions in the COVID-19 period, Ferrari presented the client teams at least as a proposal to consider, as we have in MotoGP,” said Binotto, in statements collected by the US website Motorsport. com.

“But I think that proposal was rejected by all of the Formula 1 teams and by the FIA, which we fully understand. I think it was a decision that we all made together,” he added.

The idea of ​​client teams was not approved, but this season’s controversy centers on the Racing Point RP20, which is a car very similar to the Mercedes W10 that swept last year. Binotto would like to see ten different cars on the F1 grid and believes that each team should be able to make its own car.

“Each team should be independent and they should be able to make their own developments. I think they now have the means with the new Concord Pact, and the regulations are clear enough to do so. It would be great to have ten teams and ten different cars in the grill “, has expressed Binotto to conclude.

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