Ferrari joined forces with the Italian Institute of Technology to manufacture the F15 medical respirator, a device of Italian pride

The team Ferrari introduced a new medical ventilator which helps treat patients who have been diagnosed with Covid-19, the device was designed in five weeks and is called FI5.

The ‘Cavallino Rampante’ brand collaborated with the Italian Institute of Technology using readily available materials, generating a fan at a lower cost than today’s fans.

Ferrari reported that the lung ventilator is now ready to be used in hospitals as a vital tool when it comes to emergencies, as is the current global pandemic of coronavirus.

The device designed by the automotive firm is versatile, easy to use and to assemble to optimize oxygen consumption. Its name derives from the F of Ferrari, the I of the Institute and the number 5 for the weeks it took to create it.

“The Covid-19 challenge was one that we wanted to take on. FI5 is the contribution we made as Scuderia, presenting the essence of what it does to a Formula 1 team and, most importantly, all the features that make Ferrari special; his passion, his creativity and his desire to improve ”, Ferrari shared in a statement.

“This project was a very stimulating experience, as well as being really rewarding for all involved, who worked closely with our colleagues at IIT and the other partners. It is initiatives like these that make #essereFerrari, not only a slogan, but a distinctive feature of our identity, “concluded the Italian firm.

Ferrari It has also provided financial aid to the town of Modena, created valves for lung respirators, as well as accessories for protective masks that serve to help combat the pandemic that has left thousands of dead in the world.


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