Ferrari needs clean air to perform

Ferrari has shown flashes of speed during the 2021 season of Formula 1, with the two poles of Charles Leclerc in Monaco and Azerbaijan, especially the pace one lap from the Scuderia.

But on Sundays, Ferrari has often been held back by tire problems as its tires overheat when trying to keep up with its competitors in the peloton.

After a poor French Grand Prix where both of their cars were out of points, the team managed to beat McLaren at the Styrian GP and again at the British Grand Prix last weekend, suggesting that the Italian squad has at least partially overcome its most critical problem.

At Silverstone, Leclerc led most of the race after the clash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, but ultimately had to settle for second after Hamilton’s resurgence.

After analyzing the rebound in the performance of Ferrari In Great Britain, team boss Binotto explained that the opportunity to run in clean air has been the most crucial difference from previous races.

“I think if you look at the Austrian comparisons (Lando) Norris has been on the podium having a fantastic race,” he said Binotto. “But if we look at his race pace in Austria it was very similar to ours, but we just got stuck in traffic. And I think being ahead from the beginning of the race is the key in some way.”

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“Here (at Silverstone) Charles was ahead and in front, and we were able to set our own pace. If you compare our two drivers, one of them was stuck behind and the other had clean air.”

“When Carlos had clean air he had Charles’s rhythm. So I think that’s not our rhythm.”

“I still think that Lewis and Max have great speed ahead of us. But I think we have recovered from France and that is the most important thing.”

The fact that Leclerc was in the front for most of the race seemed to help mitigate the tire problems the team still has, but Binotto added that even in traffic the SF21’s performance has improved after advancing with the problems of the front tires that hit Ferrari at Paul Ricard.

“After France, where we had problems with the front tires, I think the team regrouped, worked on it, and somehow understood the weaknesses and tried to solve them,” he explained.

“Now there are two races in a row in which we have achieved a good rhythm, which has also been our weakness at the beginning of this season, showing that as a team we were progressing and that is what satisfies me the most, which is undoubtedly more important, also for the second part of the season “.

“After 10 races we have 17 more points than we had at the end of last season. As a team we are showing that progress is certainly a lot.”

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