Ferrari “must be realistic” about his chances for Hungary

Following a recent run of quite hopeful races, including Leclerc’s second-place finish at the British GP, the Italian team is optimistic about the technical progress they are making with their SF21.

Heading into this weekend’s race in Budapest, the team is well aware of how strong it was in the last race on a highly downforce circuit like Monaco, where Leclerc took pole and Sainz finished second.

But, despite the fact that there are many reasons for the team to believe that it can fight again at the front, its two drivers are more cautious about their prospects.

When asked if Ferrari came to Hungary feeling they had a chance to win, Leclerc He said: “I want to say that it is good to be optimistic, and I think we all want to be optimistic after such a good performance in the last three races, to be honest.”

“But on the other hand, we must also be realistic. We are in a good moment, but I think that going for the victory in Budapest can be a bit optimistic. Realistically, I think I’ll be happy if we get behind the top two teams. “

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SainzOn the other hand, he believes that the current characteristics of F1 single-seaters, with their very high levels of downforce, have actually changed the challenge offered by the Hungaroring circuit, away from the type of circuit at which Ferrari could really excel. .

“Budapest has recently become a medium to high speed track with these cars,” he said.

“If you look at Monaco and Baku, there are corners in second or third gear, but Budapest today, with these heavily loaded cars, you have a second sector where you are in fourth or fifth gear all the time. So it’s not a purely low-speed track like it used to be in the past. “

“I don’t think it’s going to be such a good track for us. I think it’s a great opportunity to be behind Red Bull and Mercedes, although downforce is still the most important thing and from the data we see that these guys are still ahead. “

“As we saw [en el GP de Gran Bretaña], on hard tires, Lewis [Hamilton] he had a bit more pace than us and they should be ahead in Hungary. “

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