Points out weaknesses in car dynamics and aerodynamics

Indicates that the loss of engine power has been another aggravating factor

Ferrari President Jon Elkann regrets that his cars from the past ten years have not been competitive and reveals that this is due to basic weaknesses they work on.

John Elkann today renewed his trust in Mattia Binotto. The president of Ferrari believes that Binotto is the ideal man to lead the rebirth of the Scuderia.

Elkann, who knows Ferrari’s problems well, reveals that the big flaw is that the cars of the past ten years have had key structural weaknesses that have kept them from being competitive.

“Ferrari’s sports division is undoubtedly going through a difficult period that comes from afar. We have not won a constructors ‘championship since 2008 and a drivers’ championship since 2007. There have been Red Bull winning cycles for aerodynamic capabilities and Mercedes for their great ability. with hybrid engine technologies, “said Elkann in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, according to Race Fans.

We have had a number of structural weaknesses that have long existed in vehicle aerodynamics and dynamics. We also lost power in the engine. The reality is that our car is not competitive. You saw him on the track and you’re going to see him again. Today we are laying the foundations to be competitive and win again when the rules change, in 2022, I am convinced of this, “added Elkann.

“We started poorly and we must be realistic and aware of the structural weaknesses of the car, with which we have been living a decade and that the transition to hybrid engines has underlined,” he insisted.

The Ferrari president insists that the reconstruction will take time, but stresses that they believe that Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are the ideal drivers to lead it.

“In the last ten years we have had champions like Alonso and Vettel, but it is certainly more difficult to rebuild a cycle and ask for patience from those who have already won compared to those who have the whole future ahead”, said Elkann to finish .

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