The return to work will be progressive, it will start with telework

The department will decrease its efficiency by 15% to work safely

The factory closure period imposed by the FIA ​​has ended for Ferrari. Today the Scuderia reopens its Gestione Sportiva and work on the development of the SF1000 is now underway.

In the preseason, it was already announced that the Scuderia had begun working on an evolution of its SF1000, but the pandemic has stopped the evolution tasks, which are being resumed today, according to the Italian edition of the American website

After Formula 1 bikers returned to activity last week, today Ferrari reopens its Formula 1 department to return to work on the SF1000. However, this reopening does not mean that all employees will immediately rejoin the factory. It will be progressive. Teleworking will begin, as workers already have permission to turn on their company computers.

The security protocol with which Ferrari will return to work equipment efficiency will decrease by 15%However, this is the only possible way right now to work without putting employees’ health at risk.

Ferrari technicians have a month to improve a car that placed them as a third force in Australia. Mainly work will be done on the gearbox, to improve fast cornering behavior, and also on the engine. They plan to introduce an evolution in Austria with 15 horsepower more than those provided by the 065/1 unit.

The Scuderia opens its Formula 1 department a week after Ferrari opened its Modena and Maranello museums. Italy continues to be one of the countries most affected by covid-19 in the world, the sixth after the United States, Russia, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Spain. However, it is already in full de-escalation.

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