Vettel: “I really want Silverstone, to see how the car behaves”

Leclerc: “We have to learn everything we can in the first days”

Ferrari’s SF1000 has turned out to be an involution of last year’s SF90 and Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc have gone from comfortably in the top positions to fighting in the middle zone. The German saved the team’s furniture in Hungary, a difficult race in which they were able to score eight points. The team continues to search for the solution to their problems and they hope that these two races at Silverstone will help them obtain the information they need.

Sebastian Vettel (10th in the World Cup):

“I really want Silverstone, it is an incredible circuit. I think we all love it. It is a track in which the wind can play a key role and affect the way the cars run. It can be a difficult circuit at time to drive, but it can also be a great help for the driver to be able to get the most out of his car. ”

“The weather and temperatures will be unpredictable and this is another reason why it will not be easy to find the balance of the car. We are going to see how we behave on this type of circuit, which is different from Austria and Hungary, where there are many high speed cornering. ”

Charles Leclerc (8th in the World Cup):

“We are going to Silverstone for the next two races. It is a very fast circuit with incredible corners like Maggots-Becketts, which are incredible when it comes to driving. It looks like it will be quite cold during the weekend and the weather conditions mean that predicting the direction the race may take is more complicated than usual. ”

“It will also be the second triplet and we will also have, for starters, two races on the same circuit. The work we do during the first weekend will help us for the second. We have to learn everything we can in the first few days and stay focused to make good progress. ”

Laurent Mekies, sports director:

“Going back to Silverstone always makes us have a special feeling, although this year it is a shame to not be able to have fans in the stands. I am sure that their presence will be noticed in some way. It is a high speed circuit and it is key to improve our car to have a good result in these two races that we are going to play here. ”

“We know that being competitive will be difficult, but we need to focus and get the best information possible to continue in the right direction when it comes to development.”

“The team has had a few days to rest after the first triplet and now we are back stronger to score a good result this weekend. We have to stay together and there is nothing better in Formula 1 than to solve problems as quickly as possible” .

“We have a lot of work to do and that is what we are here for. Finally, we have to add that it is very good to have three more confirmed races. Circuits with different characteristics that will undoubtedly be a great challenge for the teams and a great show for fans”.

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