Leclerc: “I am very happy with the result, we did not expect to be seconds”

Vettel: “It was a very disappointing race for me”

Ferrari has achieved an unexpected podium at the Red Bull Ring after showing one of the worst race paces in recent years for the Italians. Leclerc was able to climb to the podium taking advantage of sanctions and incidents and Sebastian Vettel barely entered the Top 10 after suffering damage from a touch with Carlos Sainz.

Charles Leclerc (2nd):

“The team has done a fantastic job, both in terms of strategy and with the car itself. We knew we had to make it perfect today, and I tried to take advantage of every opportunity. In the end I am very happy with the result, we did not expect to be second.”

“Although it is great to start the season with a podium, we cannot ignore that we lack performance. This weekend we were lucky, but we do not expect to fight for victories in the next events. But I am still motivated and that is the spirit that we must all have to to get better”.

Sebastian Vettel (10th):

“It was a very disappointing race for me, and I already knew it would be tough before I started. I suffered the whole race, even from the second lap, just like in qualifying. The balance and speed on Friday escaped us and I had a hard time keeping up the car on the track. We have to improve for next weekend. ”

Mattia Binotto, team leader:

“A very busy weekend that ends with a good result better than expected, especially after qualifying. Charles had an incredible race and fought for every opportunity like a lion and the podium is his merit. Sebastian was able to go back to the points , but it suffered more with the balance of the car and that is something that we must improve for next weekend, because we have added many points of poor reliability from others, so we must improve our performance. ”

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