Ferrari announces the arrival of the Ferrari 812 ‘Versione Speciale’ to its customers

As we expected, the Maranello firm had something prepared for the day that marked the anniversary of the birth of its founder, although finally it was simply an announcement, the arrival of the future Ferrari 812 ‘Versione Speciale’.

A few days ago we told you that something was brewing in social networks and in different forums where the owners of the Italian brand meet, as there were several who commented that Ferrari was preparing something for the anniversary of Enzo Ferrari, which took place on February 18.

As we completely lacked clues, we were not able to specify what the company was preparing for that day and of all the alternatives that we came to contemplate, it has finally ended up being the least relevant of all, since the Italian company has limited itself to send a private message to some of your VIP clients announcing the arrival of a new limited edition model and therefore, the possibility of purchasing a copy of this exclusive release.

The model in question has turned out to be precisely the one that we indicate as the most, the lightened and powered variant of the Ferrari 812 Superfast, the same one advertised by the Anglo-Saxon media as the Ferrari 812 GTO. Although we have our reservations about the use of this name.

Open order book

If you have ever wondered how Ferrari alerts its most special (and wealthy) customers of the possibility of reserving an exclusive model that has not yet been presented, you just have to watch the top video, filtered by one of these customers and who has reached the net through an Instagram account dedicated especially to this 12-cylinder Gran Turismo. According to the brand’s announcement, those lucky enough to have received this video can now make their reservation for this enhanced variant, simply referred to as the Ferrari 812 ‘Special Version’ or ‘Versione Speciale’ and of which they reveal nothing. This name literally means ‘special version’ and although it is very similar to the one used in the Ferrari 458 Speciale, we would find it too strange if it was the one used to baptize what they predict as the last traditional Gran Turismo V12 from the Maranello firm.

Of this model we have already been able to see several development prototypes around Maranello and we know that it will be available in both body variants of the model, both with the closed body of the Superfast and in the open GTS variant. Although the company spokesman has not revealed the date of presentation of the model, he has warned that we will only have to wait a little longer, so we are already very close to its disclosure.