Ferrari and Racing Point, Alonso’s allies so that he can race in Abu Dhabi

Teams that want to veto the presence of Fernando Alonso In the end of season tests that will take place in Abu Dhabi they have it easy as it is a test for young drivers. Despite this, given that they will only have a day and a half to prepare for the next season, Ferrari would you like that Carlos Sainz could participate in them and also Racing point wants to Sebastian Vettel be in these tests. For now Renault He is awaiting authorization from the FIA ​​so that Alonso can race at Yas Marina.

For its part, Racing Point, Aston martin next season, you need a permit from Ferrari first. “Until January, Vettel has a contract with his team. Still we have not asked Ferrari if Sebastian can be released early to start working with us”Said Otmar Szafnauer, Racing Point boss.

Ferrari could release Sebastian Vettel because he hopes that Mclaren do the same with Carlos Sainz. Asked about the Abu Dhabi end-of-season tests, the Madrid driver recently pointed out: “It is no secret that I would be interested in trying the Ferraribut it is not up to me. It depends on the interests of the teams, which have to agree, and the FIA. A day and a half to prepare for a season is practically impossible, it will be very complicated, just as it will be done to Fernando and Ricciardo ”.

McLaren does not want

However, although McLaren might be interested in Ricciardo try what will be your car next season, the British team is the only one that has publicly opposed the presence of Fernando Alonso at the end of season tests in Abu Dhabi. “It is clear that we all voted for a regulation change at the beginning of the year when this pandemic began, which ended in that these tests are clearly intended in the sports regulations for the sole purpose of testing young people. I think the rules say that riders who have made a maximum of two grands prix cannot participate. And then it gives the opportunity to the FIA ​​also, at its own or exclusive discretion, to make exceptions there, ”said Andreas Seidl.

Fernando is a great Formula 1 driver, with a great track record of success. Y I can’t really see how it fits into the sole purpose of testing a young rider”Added the McLaren team boss.