Replicas based on small sports like the Toyota MR2

. Modify is the company that makes them, and it’s in Thailand

A small Thai company has become famous for creating replicas of several of the world’s most expensive cars from others that aren’t so expensive. Who has never wished to have a Ferrari LaFerrari or Lamborghini Veneno Roadster in their garage?

Have a Ferrari or a Lamborghini it is an unattainable dream for the vast majority of us. However, in Thailand They have found a more popular solution. The fault lies . Modify, a preparation workshop that makes replicas of very high-flying cars from others much more affordable for the pocket.

One of his star works is based on a Toyota MR2. After various modifications it has become something like a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. Obviously the size of the car is far from the original, but otherwise the degree of detail is really interesting, including rims. It even has a functional roof with which to protect the cabin against a possible storm.

A replica of the Ferrari LaFerrari has also been created from the small Japanese sports car. It is striking that it even has some brake calipers signed by Brembo, although we are very afraid that they do not have much to do with the original ones.

He LaFerrari It is not the only Ferrari that P.S. Modify has created. It also has in its history a F12 Berlinetta, although this time with a Honda Prelude as base. Of course, the rear looks more like a Lykan than the model born in Maranello.

Without going into details about the legality of these creations, the truth is that this Thai company offers the opportunity to have a very special-looking car for a price much more contained than that of the original. For example, him Lamborghini Veneno Roadster At the time it cost 3.3 million euros plus extras and taxes. The version based on the Toyota MR2 It comes out for $ 36,000, which at the current exchange rate is just over 33,000 euros.

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