Ferrari already obeys Carlos Sainz’s requests

Ferrari closed last August reaping its worst result in this decade at Spa. After seeing how Vettel and Leclerc they finished thirteenth and fourteenth on the fastest circuit of the championship, Carlos Sainz ruled on the matter. The Madrid-born took the opportunity to urge his next team to find more power before his arrival in Maranello.

Ferrari is the first that is not happy now, we could clearly see how much they suffered, but I think they suffered a little more with the engine and also had problems with the grip of the car in general, but generally i would say they need a very big step forward on the motor”Said Carlos Sainz.

I know how hard it is because it took Renault a few years and Honda a long time tooBut the fact that Renault is almost there, close to Mercedes, shows that it can be done. Hopefully when I arrive, they have improved a bit and then together we can take the next step”Added the Spanish pilot.

While Carlos Sainz made those statements in The Race, on Sky Sports he noted: “I’ll be honest, of course I want Ferrari to find more power. I’ll be the first in the factory to push for more power and cheer for everyone when I get there. They need to take a very big step to get back to the position we are all in, but I think that if there is a team that can do it, that is Ferrari ”.

Ferrari’s message to Sainz

Two and a half months after the request of the Madrilenian, Mattia Binotto has been optimistic for 2021 and 2022, years in which it will run Carlos Sainz for the Italian team. “We currently don’t have the best engine and I think next year we could have a completely new power unit by regulation. At Ferrari we have invested a lot in developing the engine for 2021 and 2022. The engine is now on the dynamometer and I think feedback in terms of performance and reliability is very promising. We have dynamometer limitations for 2021 and it is up to us to be efficient in the way we are planning all the tests and even be creative. But I think that although we have limitations in dynamometer operations there is room for improvement and from what I can see today I am happy with the results”, Has confessed the boss of Ferrari.