Ferrari admits it still loses a bit with the 2021 engine

Ferrari’s 2021 season has started more promisingly than the previous one, but the Scuderia continues to offer an inappropriate level of its name and history. And, according to Mattia Binotto, the engine is partly to blame.

Ferrari in 2020 it suffered one of the worst seasons in its history and sixth place in the constructors’ championship is a clear example of this.

It is obvious that many were the conditions that led Maranello to suffer so much in the competition, but it is also true that one of the main causes was the low competitiveness of the engine.

“Next year, when we have a new power unit again, we can catch up”

Investigation of the FIA and the subsequent private agreement with Ferrari had a lot to do with the fact that the 2020 engine was not very powerful, but those of Maranello were able to work on a new unit that would make up for what was lost this year.

Better than 2020, but not enough

The data indicates a notable gain in power, but the proximity of the engine development freeze, which will arrive in 2022, has made all motorists intensify their efforts to reach that moment in the best possible position.

Something that has hurt Ferrari, as it has had to work from a lower starting point than the rest. “I think we still lack a motor, less than before, certainly, so the gap has closed and I think we are converging”, says Mattia Binotto in this regard.

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Ferrari is already working on a completely new engine for 2022, at which point the new technical regulations will come into force. And the Ferrari director hopes that this is when his team finally catches up with the others. “Hopefully by next year, when we have a new power unit again, we will be able to catch up in relation to the others”.

In Bahrain, Ferrari was not among the fastest teams in top speed, but it was not at the tail either, so at least this year the SF21 it can afford to fight in conditions similar to those of the rest of the cars on the grid.