Ferran Torres, Guardiola’s ‘stolen child’ for 25 million

To speak of Ferran Torres is to refer to one of the men of the moment in European football. A 20-year-old boy who shines in the Premier League under Pep Guardiola, who He was the smartest in the class last summer taking him for just 25 million euros. In England they already knew it, but the Spanish public knew in depth this Tuesday the potential of the player who left Valencia through the back door and who is already a starter at a club as high as Manchester City.

Each of the three goals he scored against Germany felt like a stab in Valencia. A blow to Anil Murthy, Peter Lim and company, who were not able to renew the best youth squad that has come out of Paterna in the last decade. As if it was not enough, they let it out for 25 million. A ridiculous amount in today’s football if we compare them with the prices that were paid this same summer by other young talents like Kai Havertz, for example, but that is explained by the player’s refusal to renew a contract that expired in 2021.

Despite the debate on the forms of his departure, time has proved Ferran Torres right. His statements sounded ridiculous last summer, when he explained what had been his three conditions to continue in Valencia: the youth squad wanted Peter Lim to be involved in the negotiations for his renewal, to be the captain of the first team and to become one of the highest paid of the squad. Demands that surprised a lot in Valencia and that sounded a bit capricious in a 20-year-old player, but that exposed the personality of a player obsessed with success and working for it. Months after those surprising statements, has become the undisputed starter in Manchester and is Guardiola’s right eye.

The City went ahead to Madrid and Barça

As summer drew near Madrid and Barcelona pushed to sign a player who was going to leave Valencia safely: the contract ended in 2021, so if the club wanted to get some money for it, it had to sell it during the summer transfer window. However, with the two greats of Spanish football without enough economic lung to sign Ferran Torres due to the coronavirus crisis, Manchester City beat everyone to sign one of the great pearls of European football for 25 million euros. A price that the Spanish has already more than justified in the few months he has been in England.

With his exhibition against Germany, Ferran Torres is presented as one of the main arguments to believe in Luis Enrique’s Spain for the next European Championship. A player with football and character to lead the national team and who will never forget the first game in which he began to forge his legend. A spectacular hat trick in Spain’s historic beating against Germany to qualify for the Final Four of the Nations League.