Without a doubt Fernando Valenzuela He is the best Mexican baseball player who has been able to play in the Major League Baseball (MLB) to date, the legend of the ‘Toro’ of Etchohuaquila, Sonora; He started off on the right foot, since on April 9, 1981, he managed to make history by becoming the first Mexican Pitcher to open an opening game in the MLB.

This fact would occur in a circumstantial way, since the designated for that afternoon of the game against the Houston Astros was Jerry Reuss, but an injury would prevent him from being aligned in the game.

When going up to the hill of Dodger Stadium, the assistants wondered with wonder who was that 20-year-old man who wore jersey number 34; but as the innings passed everything changed, the Mexican began to cause sensation and amazement not only from the fans but also from Tommy Lasorda himself, when he got his first shutout.

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From that day on, ‘El Toro’ would win the love of the Dodgers’ fans, the Latino community and the thousands of Mexican countrymen living in Los Angeles, who showed their unconditional support in each team game, thus giving rise to the call ‘Fernandomania’.

Valenzuela imprinted his characteristic stamp on each screwball or corkscrew cast, as the trajectory the ball followed was demonized. Also that season the team would manage to take the title in the World Series against the NY Yankees, thanks to the good performances of the Mexican.

What it would cost him to be Rookie of the Year and Cy Young’s distinction as the best pitcher in the National League, this would only be the beginning of a legacy of 17 seasons in major leagues with multiple recognitions, opening the doors of immortality in the baseball.