Fernando Simón tells for the first time what his wife (and other people) told him when he saw this moment

Fernando Simón at a press conference. (Photo: YOUTUBE)

Fernando Simón has granted an interview on YouTube to the researcher of the Andalusian School of Public Health, Joan Carles March, where he has made a review of this long year of pandemic.

The director of the Center for Coordination of Emergencies and Health Alerts has told how those first days of March were, when the coronavirus began to ravage Europe and Spain.

March wanted to know, on the subject of communication, how were those first days with the military, with the Civil Guard and with the Police to give “that message of war.

The expert stated that “it was strange”: “When I got there and saw them all, I thought ‘what happened here, what is this?’ Yes, it is strange but in the end it gets along better than it seems ”.

Simón has revealed that when he goes out to speak to the media, he does not address “neither the experts nor the journalists, nor the politicians, nor the owners of the media, who will later have their editorial line whatever it is” : “I am addressing the population.”

The director of the CCAES has reported that when he met with the military, he thought whether that made sense or not: “The first thing I thought is: if they were without a uniform, better.”

“I felt strange, I felt there as the smallest of all. Bear in mind that I was with the Chief of the General Staff, with the deputy directors of the Civil Guard and Police, with the general director of transport … and I am a director of the CCAES who has had the rank of deputy director for a little while ”, he stated .

The expert has revealed that there was “one thing” that several people have told him about that image, “l …

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