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Fernando Simón's 'little joke' after announcing 4,137 new cases of COVID:

While a great wave of COVID-19 infections sweeps Spain, Fernando Simon decide to dive into it sea ​​of ​​Mallorca….

The director of Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES) keep playing explorer together with Jesus Calleja, while the health crisis in Spain does not stop growing by leaps and bounds.

This Wednesday, September 16, he was ‘hunted’ in The bull, where he practiced diving in front of the television show cameras.

Since last Monday, September 14, Fernando Simón is focused on his more media side, fully dedicated to the recording of the next chapter of ‘Planet Calleja ‘.

The newspaper ‘Ultima Hora’ was the one who managed to capture the images of the director of the CCAES in Port Adriano, embarking to dive in the waters of The bull, in the municipality of Calviá.

It is not your only adventure. Last Monday she already flew in a balloon by Cala Millor, In the town of They are Servera.

At all times, discretion and security measures prevail on the part of the program team, which does not let the locals get close to Fernando Simon during filming.

In addition, it is still unknown where he is staying, but the local press has been able to find out that somewhere on the eastern coast of Mallorca, in the Llevant area.

Before flying to Mallorca, the director of CCAES declared that «the epidemic is on the rise in all countries, it seems that we are beginning to slow down this rate ».

Although the figures of the last days do not seem to agree with him.

In the last 24 hours, 4,728 new cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed, a figure higher than the 3,022 the day before. Which places the total number of people infected in Spain by coronavirus at 614,360, in the absence of data from Murcia that has not been able to update them.

As if that were not enough, the ministry led by Salvador Illa reported that there are 239 more deaths from COVID-19, 366 in the last week. Therefore, the global number of deaths from coronavirus in Spain stands at 30,243 people for the Government, but well above 50,000 for the rest of the death counters.

A whole health crisis that does not stop worsening while the Government’s ‘experts’ take a dip in front of the television cameras.

Author Jose Antonio Puglisi

Italian-Venezuelan journalist specialized in economics and investigative journalism.