Fernando Schwartz launches strong criticism of matchday 14 referee appointments

Sports journalist Fernando Schwartz of the chain Fox Sports MX, launched strong criticism of the Arbitration Commission of Liga MX, for the designations of whistlers for matchday 14 of the Guardians Tournament 2021.

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The designations of the 14th come out and one wonders why after 2 days Fernando Hernández is back in a Xolos game. This was not seen before, previously for a referee to repeat the same team it took at least a month, a month and a half “, were the words of Fernando Schwartz.

For the communicator, a whistler should not whistle at a team again just two weeks later, how is living in the recent tournament, since there should be a greater rotation preventing this from becoming a vicious circle.

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Fernando Schwartz made it clear that they must keep a statistic within the arbitration, so that the arbitration appointments are not repeated and you can see a variety of referees for the different Liga MX clubs.

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