Fernando Schwartz criticizes Cruz Azul’s performance in the Concacaf Champions League

Sports journalist Fernando Schwartz of the Fox Sports MX chain, strongly criticized the performance of Cruz Azul against the Arcahaie FC of Haiti, in the round of 16 of the Concacaf Champions League.

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This Cruz Azul was opaque, it was dark facing the Haitian team and Reynoso must think, although he defended his players, that there are many substitutes who did not show that hunger that they must show and should worry about, for when he has to make more changes in the heavy schedule that comes in order to win the league ”, were the words of Fernando Schwartz.

The experienced Mexican communicator spoke for the “Critical Minute”, where he assured that Juan Reynoso’s team was very gray, compared to a very patchy Haitian team and with absences due to Covid-19 in this duel.

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Schwartz also lashed out at the Machine’s substitute players, assuring that they were not seen hungry on the court, something that should concern Reynoso if he needs their services in the future.

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