Fernando Santos and his criticism of Mateu Lahoz: “He knows he was wrong”

06/24/2021 at 12:49 PM CEST


The Portugal coach, Fernando Santos, criticized this Wednesday the arbitration performance of the Spanish Mateu lahoz in the draw against France (2-2), considering that there was no penalty from Nélson Semedo on Mbappé in the Gauls’ first goal.

“There was a penalty in a situation that I don’t think was a fault. I think the referee himself knows that he was wrong “he said at a press conference.

Santos praised the performance of his team and congratulated the work of his players, considering that they perfectly followed the plan game: defend in an orderly manner and be effective against.

The Portuguese coach highlighted the level offered by the footballers in the first half, which he defined as one “very organized” in which they did not give away “any space”.

“Then, in the second half, they scored. We had to open up more and we got a draw, which is a fair result. The players understood exactly what they had to do. And these are the appropriate steps for what is to come, “he added.

With the draw, Portugal advances to the round of 16 as the third-placed in Group F and will face Belgium in the round of 16.

“They are a difficult opponent. They came first in their group. We will study them well and do what we consider to be the most effective against them.” concluded.

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