Fernando Lozada from EXATLON USA: Victim of brutal attack

Telemundo Fernando Lozada

Throughout its five uninterrupted seasons, the successful Telemundo competition program, Exatlon United States, has had participants who, with their undeniable charisma that goes beyond their sports skills, have won the hearts of the large audience of the challenge. that takes place in the Dominican Republic. Such is the case of the Mexican Fernando Lozada, who participated in the fourth season, an especially complex one, which did not escape the global shock caused by COVID-19.

“Lozada”, as he was nicknamed by his colleagues during his time at Exatlon, is a Mexican influencer, businessman and great connoisseur of everything related to the world of fitness and good health, with extensive experience in Reality Shows, because before Exatlon The United States became known for his participation in the Latin American MTV program, Acapulco Shore, where he achieved celebrity status, amassing millions of followers on social networks.

Your time at Exatlon United States

Fernando Lozada since he arrived at the so-called “Fiercest Competition on the Planet” drew attention for his inexhaustible smile and good energy that accompanied him during the almost 10 months of competition. He belonged to Team Famosos (where the winner of the fourth season, Nate Burkhalter, came from), and was the only participant who despite not being a professional athlete, had a great participation and his farewell was one of the most emotional moments of the season previous.

Today, Fernando Lozada shares his life with his wife, Triana León, a certified Health Coach and their little baby, named Leandro and he raises sighs every time his parents share one of their adorable photos on social media.

He was the victim of a brutal attack. How is he?

Recently, Fernando Lozada shared some images on social networks that alarmed his followers, where he is visibly beaten. The entertainment news website Cuaimateam shared in detail the chilling story of everything that happened to Fernando.

According to the note published by this website, Fernando Lozada was the victim of a violent assault perpetrated by three people, in order to deprive him of his belongings, where one of the attackers wounded his face with a knife. “I defended myself, they didn’t steal anything from me, but they gave me a shit,” he said through his Instagram stories.

Lozada added in his stories that even though the attack cost him several points in the emergency room, he managed to keep the criminals from taking anything, and even running away, “They stuck a knife in me, but they hit like four-year-olds. I did take the knife, and the throat, because they hanged me. They didn’t take anything from me, ”said the Mexican influencer.

“The best experience I have ever had”

Last December, 2020, Fernando Lozada shared a kind of chronology about his time at Exatlon United States on his YouTube channel, which has more than 1 million subscribers who are fans of his exercise routines, different stories and even the odd humorous video.

What I experienced in EXATLÓN !!! – Behind the scenes 🎥 🏃🏻‍♂️Exatlon has been one of the most extraordinary adventures I have ever experienced !! They were 22 weeks of adrenaline, joy, frustration, happiness and a thousand other things !!! I share with you a little of what we lived during that time in the exatlon arenas 🤙2020-12-13T19: 00: 00Z

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