Fernando Alonso wants to leave the Renault team without New Year’s Eve

After the two-day test that took place at the Yas Marina circuit, Fernando Alonso could have closed the year. And it is that the Asturian has been vetoed for the end of season tests that will also take place in Abu Dhabi. Even so, despite being a test for young pilots, Renault He has asked the FIA ​​for permission for Alonso to be in them. And it is that the pilots will only have a day and a half of preseason to prepare for 2021, something that the Spanish wants to compensate by sacrificing New Year’s Eve to return to work on January 1.

This has been confirmed by Marcin Budkowski, executive director of Renault: “Fernando is asking about anything. One day in the wind tunnel he said ‘so you can’t put the 2022 car in there yet right now’. ‘No’, we replied, ‘we cannot do it due to the regulations’. And he continued: ‘So, When can you start developing the car?‘And we said’well on january 1‘. ‘Ok, and are you going to work on January 1?‘ And I said: ‘Normally we don’t, but this year we could do it because it’s the year‘. And Fernando finished: ‘Ok, we will have to do it on January 1st. I will come here, I can help you on January 1‘. So this is Fernando’s level of motivation right now. “

On the importance of the tests you are doing Alonso, Marcin Budkowski noted: “All these tests are an opportunity to drive and work with him on things like the steering wheel, the position of his favorite button, how he wants to be able to activate all the different systems in the car, practice our procedures… It seems simple, but the more we practice these things, the less we have to do it during the winter tests, where we only have three days of testing ”.

Alonso can be champion again

If the Asturian driver is willing to leave the Renault team without New Year’s Eve, it is because he is convinced that he will be able to fight for the championship in 2022, when the regulation change comes into force. Not only does Alonso think this way, but also Alain Prost, who recently declared: “I don’t see anyone beating Mercedes in 2021; in 2022, maybe Renault and Alonso”.