Fernando Alonso, the third best driver of this generation for the British

Despite having been away from Formula 1 for two years, the British do not forget the feats of Fernando Alonso on the circuits. For this reason, the Asturian has been chosen as the third best driver of this generation behind Lewis Hamilton and of Sebastian Vettel.

In a poll conducted by Formula 1 News, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton was voted the best driver of this generation with 53 percent of the votes. 31 percent has fallen to the four-time champion Sebastian Vettel; while Fernando Alonso, who is two-time Formula 1 champion, has received 7 percent of the votes. The fourth option of this survey, Kimi raikkonen, complete the remaining 5 percent.

Despite being a poll carried out by a British media, Jenson Button has been left out of this, like Raikkonen has a title of champion of Formula 1. Also Nico Rosberg, who won the title in 2016 beating Hamilton, both at Mercedes.

Fernando Alonso, the two-time champion

While Michael Schumacher is considered a previous generation driver, Fernando Alonso ended his reign in 2005, revalidating the title a year later. The Asturian ended up at McLaren in 2007, but his internal war with Hamilton, with whom he coincided in the British team, put the title on a tray Raikkonen. With Alonso already out of McLaren, Lewis Hamilton was able to be crowned Formula 1 World Champion for the first time in 2008.

In an unusual season, Button, with a Brawn light years away from the rest of the teams, was the one that took the title in 2008. A year later the reign of Sebastian Vettel, who was proclaimed champion four consecutive times. Already in Mercedes, a year after his arrival at the German team, he has been Hamilton the one that has reigned from 2014 to today. Only Rosberg in 2016 was able to beat him, and he did it with his own car.