Fernando Alonso: “Our goal is to fight for the top 10”

Although no big differences are expected in 2021 compared to the previous season, it is too early to know which teams are ahead of the rest. It is true that Mercedes will continue to dominate, although it will be necessary to see if the engine that Honda was preparing for 2022, and that it has advanced to this course, allows Red Bull to stand up to the German team. Regarding the fight for third place in the Constructors’ World Cup, which is the war in which he will be mired Fernando Alonso, many doubts will dissipate in the preseason. On the one hand it will be necessary to see if McLaren takes a step forward now that it will mount Mercedes engines; on the other, if Ferrari will join Alpine already Aston martin to this battle thanks to its ‘super-fast’ engine.

For all this, Fernando Alonso has been cautious when asked in an interview for the official magazine of Formula 1 about his objectives in 2021: “I haven’t started to think about it yet, It’s too soon. Maybe after the winter tests you can start to imagine where you will be in the first race, but not for now. Being realistic, we must keep our feet on the ground, knowing that if there are changes compared to 2020 they will not be huge. There will be no big differences ”.

I think Mercedes will be in front of everyone, then there will be Red Bull and then I expect a fight between several teams. Alpine will be in that group of teams and it will be interesting to see who adapts best to the new rules. I think it will be very tight, we can fight for a sixth or seventh on the grid, but also for a fifteenth very easily. Our goal is to fight for the top-10”, Continued the Asturian.

Fernando Alonso has also hinted that he has already adapted to the speed of Formula 1 cars after two years away from the Gran Circo. “At the time I said the 2020 car was faster than me because everything came to me earlier than expected. I had to adapt the braking points, the cornering … I had to rethink a bit how to enter the corners. But it is not something new, I have a good memory and my last races were the Indy 500 and the Dakar. When you come to a corner with a 4 × 4 and the next time you are driving you are in Turn 1 in Barcelona with an F1, it is day and night ”, he said.

Alpine wants to see Fernando Alonso and Ocon on the podium in 2021

Although Alpine regards 2021 as a year of transition, its CEO, Luca de Meo, expects the team to take a step forward compared to the previous year. “We have to do better than last year, that means get more podiums. The real challenge will come in 2022 with the change of regulation ”, he pointed out.

Along the same lines, Laurent Rossi, new chief executive of AlpineHe commented after taking over from Cyril Abiteboul: “I would like to give a warm thank you to Cyril for his relentless involvement, which has brought the Formula 1 team from last place in 2016 to podium finishes last season. His remarkable work in Formula 1 since 2007 allows us to look to the future with a solid team and a new identity to conquer the podiums this year”.

Regarding this he has also spoken Fernando Alonso: “It would be nice to get on the podium. This season it seems that there were more possibilities than in others for the rest of the teams, but I am aware that those podiums they arrived due to catastrophes from Mercedes. Doing a podium and savoring the champagne again would be fantastic ”.

The true goal of Alpine and Fernando Alonso is in 2022

The pilot of 39 years has signed for Alpine with the aim of being Formula 1 World Champion again and hopes to have the option to do so when the regulation change scheduled for 2022 comes into force. For this, Alpine will have to build the car that will dominate the new era. will dedicate during 2021 with the invaluable help of Fernando Alonso.

Justifying his signing by AlpineThe Spaniard recently confessed: “I see the Renault project well because if not, I would not have gone with them. I know that next year they will have the same results as in the race next Sunday. The cars will be exactly the same, so I hope I can prepare a good project for 2022. Better to do it while driving, and within the team, than playing Play ”.

The car that is born well, leads the decade of that regulation. We saw it with Red Bull and with Mercedes. If you’re in those cars, you win four or five titles. In the past you won one and the next was a coin toss, “he added. Fernando Alonso.