Has reason to think positive Fernando Alonso after the first six and a half hours on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Asturian driver was not on the asphalt the whole time, but he was long enough to show that this year he does have a car for the 500 miles from Indianapolis. The 66, Alonso’s Arrow McLaren SP, was the fifth fastest car in the first free practice sessions of the Indy 500.

« It was a quiet start », said the Spanish pilot after the numbers he would have achieved on his Mclaren on this first day. He more than fulfilled after almost 80 laps of the circuit between the rookie session and the general. It was in the latter, where he rolled only 29 laps and flew in the eighth with a top speed of 222,238 miles per hour, what they are almost 360 kilometers per hour in the best version of the 66. That put him fourth in the standings, although he finally finished fifth – he only ran 29 laps overall.

Thus, with a stroke of the pen, he cleared up any doubts that could exist around the Asturian after the setback in 2019, where he failed to classify among the 33 pilots who would contest that appointment because of a disaster of the McLaren team, which was unable to assemble a car commensurate with its fame. For this one Sunday, August 23, when the 104th edition of the Indy 500, Alonso showed that he can talk to the best of the grid as Andretti, Ganassi or Penske. In the first free practice, three riders from Andretti –Hinchcliffe (1st), Andretti (2nd) and Hunter-Reas (4th) – ranked in the top four. Scott dixon, from Ganassi, was third.

Now Alonso it does have bodywork and tuning to match and aims higher than ever. Already in 2017 he had a similar ray of hope in the pre-race training –he was also 4th-, the same one that led during many of his laps to end up retiring in the final stretch After the Honda engine said enough. This year he wants to flirt again with those sensations that brought him closer to success, the same one that he touched with his fingertips but that mechanics took away from him.

There is still a little over a week of round and round in this Indianapolis Motor Speedway to check where the 66th really is Fernando Alonso And if in this edition he can fight again with the only great motorsport race that the Asturian can resist. It should be noted that, in the classification of laps without slipstream, the data does not leave the Spanish McLaren well: it was 22nd. Also, his two companions Duck O’Ward and Oliver Askew they were 28th and 31st respectively. There are things to improve.